Here’s How It Works

Three Riders, Three Horses,
Thirty head of Cattle,
Put Three in The Pen!

Simple enough but… it’s a timed event and the cattle are fast!
attention riders!

Have you ever considered the fast paced, exciting sport of Team Penning? Penning is extremely popular in Alberta and gives riders of all ages and their families the opportunity to ride in a competitive but social environment year round. The rules are simple. They take a moment to learn but a lifetime to master.

We welcome new penners to our association for 2023!

If you’re looking for some friendly competition, some new friends, and a lot of fun for you and your horse this is the place you want to be. If you are new to the sport we have clinics . If you’ve been at the sport for a while, we are sure you can make some new friends, but we are sure you will be able to have a lot of fun in Central Alberta Team Penning Association (CATPA).

If you are looking for information about CATPA or penning in general, email us at



CATPA 2023 Show Dates and Venues:

March 17/18/19 – Calnash Event Center, Ponoka

April 15/16 – TBD

May 27/28 – TBD

June 23/24/25 – Calnash Event Center, Ponoka

July 22/23 – TBD



  • Send in your Membership and Insurance form prior to February 28th, 2023 to receive the early bird discount. 
  • EVERYONE must complete the Insurance waivers with their Membership for the 2023 season. 
  • All memberships, waivers, as well as any questions or concerns can be sent to

Please note the following Canadian Team Cattle Penning Association (CTCPA) goals and penning etiquette. These are supported by CATPA and through these goals we are striving to provide a positive atmosphere for all penners:


  1. To promote the sport of Team Cattle Penning.
  2. To establish and maintain a handicap system that encourages team cattle penners of every age and every skill level to compete in the sport
  3. To promote a pastime that fosters family involvement while setting standards for proper conduct and good sportsmanship.
  4. To constantly strive to improve, enhance and enrich the sport through refinement and innovation.

Penning Etiquette

Sportsmanship -respect your fellow penners, officials and volunteers.

Losing a Hat – losing a hat adds additional time to the length of the show.

Promptness – know your order of go and be at the gate when called. Following your run and/or herd holding, exit the arena as quickly as possible. (Discuss your run outside the arena.)

Herd Holding hustle to the herd following your run to complete your herd holding duties. Herd holders are to stay in place and exit arena immediately upon the number being called. Herd holders should exit close to the outside walls so as not to interfere with the next competing team and no attempt should be made to bury cattle.

Herd holders should be positioned at the side of the herd and facing the herd so as not to obscure numbers from the next competing team.

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If you are looking for information about CATPA or penning in general, contact us by using the form below or:
Mailing Address: CATPA Box 575, Red Deer Alberta, T4N 5G1

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